Leehom Wang draws Jackie Chan’s dragon blood by accident

It has been over a year since Leehom Wang released his last album, with the release date of his new album nowhere in sight, fans will have to make do with his upcoming movie Little Big Soldier instead. He will battle superstar and shampoo promoter Jackie Chan in the new film set to release during the Chinese New Year. Since Leehom has not been trained in martial arts before, it was difficult for him to go head-to-head with Jackie Chan for their action sequences. He accidentally cut Jackie Chan’s arm during a scene and caused him to bleed profusely. However, being the great mentor that Jackie Chan is, he re-assured Leehom not to worry, because “getting hurt during a movie shoot is like having a meal everyday! (I) hope it won’t cast a shadow over you, and affect the shooting schedule!”

Why? Leehom, why? W-H-W-H-Y-Y Why Tell me why

Leehom went on a high protein diet to increase his physical strength for the movie. Jackie Chan was especially caring for him and even became his personal trainer during the strenuous shoot. He complimented Leehom for his dedication and said, “He can let go of the singer image that he’d built for so many years! Not caring to appear dirty, getting tied up and even being forcibly kissed by Hsu Dong-Mei. (He) really has a lot of potential!”

“Help me….I can’t geeeeeeeettt up……….”

(Dear Leehom, why didn’t you finish him off and spare me from his movies for good?)

Source: the-sun.on.cc
Written by PA

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