JYP Sisters show off popping skills to the beat of "Boom Boom Pow"!

The English-based Kpop entertainment blogosphere has taken a keen interest in JYP China’s latest musical product, the tentatively-named Mandopop girl group JYP Sisters. The group is getting a lot of hype, despite not having released anything yet, but they seem to have the promoting thing down.

One video that’s been circulating around the web consists of JYP Sisters’ members Fei Fei, Lim, and Jia showing off their dancing and popping skills to the beats of Black Eyed Peas’ radio and club smash hit “Boom Boom Pow”. The state of the other members of the group and the reason for their absence in the video is not known, but perhaps their specialty is on pure ballad vocals and not on hip-hop styles.

South Korean entertainment companies are really gearing up to push into the Mandopop market in order to expand beyond their country's own over-saturated music market.  It intuitively makes sense, since a lot of people speak Chinese Mandarin. The question is why JYP Entertainment’s Chinese branch decided to set up shop in developing Mandopop outpost Beijing instead of traditional Mandopop central hub Taipei. Very few Mandopop artists have historically made it huge without breaking into Taiwan’s music market first, so JYP China is either playing it safe and crafting JYP Sisters’ success in a less competitive market before transitioning them into Taiwan's highly competitive Mandpop market, or are overconfident that their latest girl group can make it big solely on China’s vast music-listening population advantage.

We’ll see if their move is a wise one, but in the mean time, check out the video that’s been making waves below.

Trio from JYP Sister's popping to "Boom Boom Pow":

Source: daum

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