Joe Cheng doesn’t want to share Ethan Ruan’s lips with Mark Chao

Ethan Ruan met up with long-time friend Joe Cheng to do a Chinese New Year photo shoot for their modeling agency on January 7th. He seems to have returned to his mischievous ways after playing a vicious character in the new movie Monga. As some might still recall Ethan Ruan’s infamous kiss with Monga costar Mark Chao just a few weeks ago, it looks like he has done it again. He showed Joe Cheng some affection by kissing him on the ear, while Joe Cheng responded by rolling his eyes and said, “I refuse to share the same lips with Mark Chao.”

Ethan Ruan adopted the personality of his Monga character during filming and became somewhat of a hooligan in real life. He was caught on video for rolling down his car window to glare at a cab driver who had passed him. And he also recently admitted that he got into a fight after witnessing an incident on the streets. Nonetheless, Ethan Ruan has returned to his normal self after the movie completed. He explained, “When I look back at those pictures, I was scared by my own gaze too.”

Ethan Ruan and Joe Cheng both originated from Taichung but they haven't seen each other for a year due to their busy schedules. Joe Cheng has been focusing on expanding his career overseas with drama series and stage work, while Ethan Ruan was busy with shooting Monga. When asked if he worries that Ethan Ruan would overtake his market, Joe Cheng answered, “If it's mine then it's mine, if it's his then it's his.”

In order to prove their unchanged brotherly love, Ethan Ruan unexpectedly kissed Joe Cheng’s ear, which in turn Joe responded, “The ear is my sensitive area. You can kiss anywhere else but don't kiss my ears.” He protested as Ethan Ruan ignored his warning and tried to kiss him again, “My ear is wet. You stuck your tongue out didn't you!”

Ethan Ruan is an expert on boy-to-boy kiss.

“Did you just lick me?...”

Ethan Ruan was asked if he will be spending the Chinese New Year's day, which also happens to be Valentine's Day, with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu or his mom. Joe Cheng came to his rescue and answered, “Of course with mom! Because our moms are our first loves.”

Source: Nownews, Chinatimes
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