Jing Wong wishes future girlfriend to be a Gigi Leung clone

The Virgin Prince visited a local temple to pray in hopes of spicing up his love life. Jing Wong decided to give the temple a try after seeing improvements in the love life of fellow single and veteran singer Tiger Huang.  He followed the grand tradition of praying for more peach blossoms at the temple, which refers to good fortune in social and love life.  At 26 years old, Jing Wong has never had a girlfriend before or tasted the “forbidden fruit”.  He hopes to find a girlfriend in the year of the tiger and ends his virgin status for good!

Jing Wong is one of the very few remaining “Male Virgin Singers” in the business.  When teased about his wish to lose his virginity, Jing Wong answer, “Ah….Everyone focuses on this issue.  I feel very embarrassed, but I really have never been in love before, so I need better fortunes in my love life more than senior Tiger Huang!”

Jing Wong was nervous as he entered the temple and kept mumbling to himself as he wished for good fortunes.  He took a piece of red string and wrapped it around the incense burner clockwise three times.  He then carefully put it in his wallet and said, “I hope someone I like will appear, and eventually she will like me too.” 

Jing Wong joins Tiger Huang (on the right) in the search for love... 

The qualities that Jing Wong looks for in his partner are as follow: Independent, good temperament, resembles Gigi Leung.  He said, “But I realize my standards are too high.  It’ll only get even harder to find a girlfriend.”  Jing Wong added that he is also too rational in love, so it is not easy for him to invest his emotions, “I’m not in a hurry, I believe when fate comes, it’ll come.”

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by PA 

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