Jing Wong picks pretty girls for new show

Channel [V] held auditions for their new show Beautiful Girls Generation yesterday in Taipei. Nearly one hundred contestants ranging from 13 to 18 years of age participated to compete for a spot on the show. Guest judge Jing Wong advised the girls that it is most important to be natural. He was mocked by fellow judge Blackie (Charles Chen) as he was so nervous that he kept repeating himself.

Jing Wong insisted he is the perfect judge when it comes to selecting pretty girls, because of his background as a reality show contestant and his homeboy personality. Concerning his standards, he said, “Whether or not she is suitable for showbiz, I can tell with just one look.” Jing Wong had some trouble with giving a speech at the event and admitted that he was very nervous. He said he won’t use the same standards that he has for picking a girlfriend, or else the best talent won’t be chosen. Jing Wong said he personally likes girls that are around the same age as him, but he doesn’t rule out dating someone older.

Source: UDN
Translated by PA

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