Jing Wong gets pampered by Goddess Amber Ann

Jing Wong has been keeping busy with activities like promoting his new album OK Man, making his acting debut in the idol drama Momo Love, and even guest hosting on Show Luo's 100% entertainment.  The Virgin Prince was rewarded by his record company to spend a night at a hotel suite.  He was surprised when a special guest, C-String Goddess Amber Ann from the variety show Big Party, showed up with a fruit basket to give him some encouragement.  Jing Wong revealed his admiration for her and said, "When I get home from work, the only thing that makes me laugh and relax is watching Big Party.  Amber Ann's performance makes me laugh."

The Virgin Prince continued on by naming all the commercials and music videos that she has been a part of.  Amber Ann fed him some fresh fruit and treated with him with a massage, but she had to stop as Jing Wong's shoulders have completely stiffen up.  Amber Ann then made him lay on his stomach, and stood on top of him with her 170cm frame to give him a back massage instead.  As painful as it might look, Jing Wong didn't have any complaints, "It's very comfortable, my whole body has loosen up."

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by PA

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