Jing Wong and knives: how not to do therapy

"Wo De Ma! (My God)  I want to go home.  Wo De Ma!  The therapist is so scary~"  After filming Momo Love and doing promotions for his latest album, OK Man, 100% Entertainment treated Jing Wong to an exclusive, “Knife Therapy” in order to help relax his muscles. As bizarre as it may seem, he was willing to try it out after hearing that it can help in improving his voice. He hid his fright in front of the knives and did not forget to warn his viewers, “Children, please do not imitate! Ge Ge (big brother) has practiced for a day on how to not look scared and master (therapist) here is a professional.” Jing Wong held still while the therapist patted the knife continuously against his body. When the reporter asked whether “knife therapy” could improve a man’s sexual ability, the therapist immediately began patting the knife on Jing’s “sensitive” area. The therapist continued patting the knife all over Jing’s back, face, and even his neck, which was enough to give anyone goose bumps.

It’s hard to tell whether “Knife Therapy” is effective or not, but one thing we’re sure of is that Jing Wong demonstrated a lot of courage. Jing ended up with quite a few scratch marks on his arms and face due to the treatment. Before going home, he learned a few techniques from the therapist so that he can take it back and help Show Luo and Xiao Gui to a “Knife Therapy.”

Please be warned: the video may cause discomfort.  Watch at your own discretion.

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