Jimmy Lin and Nicky Wu to perform in Chinese New Year special

Little Whirlwind and Thunderbolt Tiger will be performing on the same stage again! If the silly names don’t ring a bell, they refer to Jimmy Lin and Nicky Wu respectively. The two stars are scheduled to perform in the TTV’s Super Star special. It will be recorded on February 3rd at the NTU Sportscenter and set to air on the eve of the Chinese New Year. Although it has been awhile since these two stars were all the rage in the early 90s, they both have moved onto pretty successful acting careers, especially with Jimmy Lin in 2007’s My Lucky Star. Their personal lives also made headlines last year, with Nicky Wu’s divorce in August, followed by the birth of Jimmy Lin’s son in September.

Jimmy Lin will be performing his hit songs like “Not Every Love Song has Fond Memories”, “Last Summer” and “Fiery Heart” on the TTV special. He said the organizers had hoped that he would perform them the same way he did back in the 90s, but he wants to add some new elements and make it a premium performance. In regards to the recent Xiao Xiao Bin controversies, Jimmy Lin said, “I really envy Xiao Bin Bin for being able to take the stage with his son (Xiao Xiao Bin). I hope I will get a chance to dance with Xiao Xiao Zhi (Little Jimmy) on the same stage.” However he added, “Let’s wait till Xiao Xiao Zhi gets older. For now, education is the focus.”

In addition to the TTV Super Star special, Nicky Wu will also be performing on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. He wasn’t very happy when reporters bombarded him with questions about his divorce at the airport. Nicky Wu revealed that he and his former wife agreed to divorce last March and had it finalized in August. When asked if he feels that “Marriage is the tomb of love”, Nicky Wu answered, “No Comment.”

Jimmy Lin's classic “Not Every Love Song has Fond Memories”

Jimmy Lin practices new moves

Nicky Wu's classic "Wish You a Good Journey"

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