Jay & Jolin's bowling date spawns conspiracy theory

Jay Chou clarified rumors about himself and Jolin Tsai getting back together at the press conference of his new movie True Legend. He questioned the press why he would be so high-profile if the rumors were true.  Jay Chou explained, “When I want to go out with my friends, I’m not like most people, I can’t just go whenever I want to. It’s a rare opportunity to gather with my friends. But some media like to make up stories, and their readers end up discussing about it after they read them.”

A fan stirred up some controversy recently after sharing Facebook messages posted by a group of Jolin’s friends in a Jay Chou forum. There were comments like “ChouXX, you have ruined the harmony of the Tsai gang”, “setup”, “selling photos”, “Thank you ChouXX for the special guest appearance”. Fans turned suspicion into conspiracy theory, and believed that Jay Chou was setup by Jolin and the gang so paparazzi can photograph Double J together.

In regards to the controversy, Jay Chou responded, “I know lots of fans are unhappy after reading the comments. I hope everyone can forgive them and treat it as a joke!”  Jolin Tsai’s manager said, “These are obviously conversations between friends joking with each other on Facebook. It's just happened to be captured by netizens and led to some misunderstanding.”

Source: UDN 
Translated by PA

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