Jay Chou with Jolin Tsai?

On the 15th, the two were spotted together in a bowling alley in Taipei, Taiwan. Jolin came first, and brought several friends with her. Jay later arrived at the bowling party, wearing a mask to cover his face.

The two singers sat near each other, and some people stated seeing their friends passing along messages for them as they bowled.

Apart from going bowling, they also went inside to play at a basketball machine together, while their friends served as a lookout.

When reporters came, Jay rushed off while Jolin moved behind her friends.

But was their meeting really because they are together? Some people brought forth the following three possible reasons why they would meet at the bowling alley:
  1. This meeting was organised by their respective agencies in lieu of Patty Hou's wedding. If 'Double J' were to resume, then they would be very popular if they appeared together on stage again.
  2. Even though they went bowling together, they could simply be close friends who wanted to celebrate a birthday together.
  3. Since Jolin and Jay are still friends, and with marriages coming up, since the timing and location were good, why not just go for it?
But no matter what the reason, seeing these two together, we hope for the best.

source: Channel News Asia and CQNews

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