Jay Chou recommends Pandamen for kids

Yesterday, while Jay Chou was in Shanghai promoting for “Pandamen,” he responded to the criticisms of the drama being low IQ, “Yes, it’s quite retarded.” Then he immediately added, “It’s a light comedic drama.” Jay has always been confident of his work, but he quickly left the stage after 13 minutes and refused to accept interviews, which he explained that it was because he needed to catch his flight.

The drama cost over one hundred million (NTD) to produce, and is airing on various regional networks in Mainland, but the ratings have been low. It has also been criticized of having too many product placements. However, starting on February 5th, CTS will be broadcasting Jay Chou’s original edited version of “Pandamen”. The "gruesome and violent fight scenes" that Mainland viewers can’t see, will be shown in Taiwan. Jay commented, “We probably have the coolest fight scenes in a modern series.”

He does not deny the fact that “Pandamen” is catered to kids. Why did he choose “panda”? He explained, “A lot of action heroes are combined with an animal type. Panda is cute and it’s also the national treasure.” The drama contains cameos of Jerry Yan and Eric Tsang. Jay added, “We didn’t find any female stars to do cameos, otherwise, there would be love rumors again.”

Source: appledaily TW, UDN

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