Jacky Cheung makes a comeback!

Although he never retired, the God of Cpop has stayed out of the spotlight for the past several years.  However, thanks to Lehman Brothers, we will get to see a lot more of Jacky Cheung very soon.  Six years after his last Cantonese album Life is Like a Dream, the Hong Kong singer will release a brand new album titled Private Corner.  As some might recall, Jacky was rumored to have lost over 400 million (NTD) with his Lehman Brothers investments.  He began his road to financial rehabilitation by doing 4 movies last year, which include 72 Tenants of Prosperity, Body & Assassins, Hot Summer Days and Crossing Hennessy. 

In addition to movies, Jacky Cheung is showing his determination for a full-fledged comeback with the release of a new album.  Interestingly, his new album is somewhat of a mystery, as there has been no pre-order event or promotions.  Nonetheless, fans are already excited about his comeback and have swarmed online stores with pre-orders in anticipation of its release on this Friday.  The album contains 10 songs in total, with 9 in Cantonese and 1 in English.  Unfortunately, his record company said there are no plans at this time to release a Mandarin album, fans of Mandopop-Jacky will have to wait a bit longer.

Source: Liberty Times, UDN
Written by PA

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