Is Big Party’s Alicia Liu a guy or a girl?

This one is a tough call.  Chinatimes reported today that Alicia Liu/Liu Xun-Ai (劉薰愛) from the variety show Big Party is actually a guy, or at least was one during high school.  She is one of the young up and coming models that the Eelin agency plans to promote this year.  Alicia Liu has a role on the popular segment “Women of the Liang Family” and can be seen everywhere from catwalks to the shopping channel.  She is 170 CM tall and has a sweet smile that makes quite a convincing girl.  When her colleagues from the show were asked about the news, they were all shocked and responded with questions like, “Really?”, “Possible?” and “No Way!”  Big Party’s veteran comedian Tai Zhi-Yuan said, “If she is really a guy, that's great.  I support her very much.  Her performance is very cool.”

Rumors about her identity circulated on PTT as a student from her former high school saw her on TV and commented “How come their (male) senior from back in the days has turned into a famous star?”  It caught the attention of Netizens and became a hot topic discussion.  When asked if she is a guy or girl, Alicia Liu answered, “This rumor has started ever since I went on Jacky Wu’s show for the first time.  I really am a girl.  My real name is Liu Xun-Ai, and it's not a stage name.  I can prove it with my ID card.”  However, she said she has forgotten to bring her wallet and was uncomfortable with the reporter's question. 

A year book photo labeled with the name Liu Zi-Hua. 

Alicia Liu's high school teacher had this to say, “We knew he was different from the first time he entered the school.  He appeared as a male student during the first year.  After the second year, we all knew about his situation and accepted him.  Since then he grew out his hair and went to the ladies room.  Other female students weren't concerned.”  As for her modeling agency, they said they would only evaluate her performance and rarely ask about her personal life, “Even if she really had a sex change operation, we can still accept her.”

A clip of “Women of the Liang Family" with Alicia Liu (first one on the right).

(This is an article from the Chinatimes magazine, and the information is only based on what they have reported.)

Source: Chinatimes, Eelin TW, thanatosyt

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