"Hi! My Sweetheart" sacrifices for "Fairy Tale Under Starlight" making Show's fans mad

Even the mild-tempered “Da Lang” is now angry. On “100% EntertainmentShow Luo expressed his dissatisfaction towards CTS for the way they were treating “Hi! My Sweetheart.” After the airing of Show’s comment, not only did the fans show their support for Show, but they also began to verbally curse “Fairy Tale Under Starlight” to have poor ratings.

Show and Rainie’sHi! My Sweetheart” is nearing its ending. Sunday’s episode will be 135 minutes long (from 10pm to 12:15am), while its final episode will only be 45 minutes long, which “Fairy Tale Under Starlight” will follow right after, starring Baron Chen, Megan Lai, Lego Li, and Tanaka Chie. They will be up against CTV’s “Down With Love.” CTS promotes “Hi! My Sweetheart’s” Sunday episode as a “special winter holiday extended version,” but netizens are already criticizing CTS for treating “Hi! My Sweetheart” as a sacrifice in the ratings game.

Show pouted his lips and expressed on 100% Entertainment, “The drama originally could have been broadcasted all the way to February, so why is it ending on January 31st? It’s such a good drama. Why does it have to be forced to end early?” Show then added that a two-hour episode is too long, as students need to go to class early the next day, while next week’s episode is cut short.

CTS’ vice president Hu Han Xin explained that they began airing “Hi! My Sweetheart” while they were still in the process of filming, thus it was difficult to control the length. In the end, the drama exceeded two episodes. CTS expressed that they didn’t want to cut the final episode down, while “Fairy’s” premiere date had already been set. Thus, they decided to extend “Hi!” to one more week with "Fairy" following right after on the second half of the time slot.

Although this was what CTS explained, it is believed that the 45 minute finale of “Hi!” is to help give “Fairy” a better lead in as they go up against Jerry and Ella’s “Down With Love.”  

Source: UDN

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