Harlem Yu entertained fans with 3-hr long concerts

2009 was a years filled with highs and lows for Harlem Yu.  After going through a divorce and releasing a new compilation album, the ever popular singer/host started 2010 with bang!  He held 2 back to back concerts in the famous Hong Kong Coliseum this past weekend.  Harlem performed for over 3 hours on the first show and shortened it to slightly under 3 hours on the second night.  The show finished at 11:57 PM as he was concerned that the organizers would be penalized again for going past midnight.
Don't mistaken Harlem for singing "Under the Sea"...

Harlem took the stage as the "Mermaid Prince" and sang "Heaven" from his 2003 album.  He continued to perform classics like "Big Eyes", "I Rock", "Silently", and his new song "Endless Transparent Thoughts".  Harlem shared his philosophy with the audience and talked about the drastic changes in his life during the past 2 years.  After a series of fast-temple songs, the audience were captivated with his performance of the smash hit "Missing You" in which he stands inside a life-size inflatable glass bottle.

Harlem is a Genie Messenger in a Bottle

Special guest Jacky Cheung joined Harlem on stage to perform a series of classics and medleys.  Harlem called him the "Essential Guest" of his concerts but Jacky Cheung refuted, "(I'm) the 'Back up Guest".  You only asked me because you couldn't get anyone else."  The two showed off their vocal skills by mimicking the sounds of erhu and trombone during Jacky Cheung's hit song "The Goodbye Kiss".  Jacky Cheung also joked that Harlem is suspected of plagiarism, and to prove his point, they sang medleys of "Only for You + I Swear" and "Honest Love Song + Crush on You".  Before leaving the stage, Jacky Cheung performed "Lonely Man" and claimed it was the most fitting song for Harlem's "situation".

Cpop God Jacky Cheung shows off his vocal skills and corny jokes

During the encore, Harlem surprised the audience when he asked in serious tone, "Harry, did you like tonight's performance?  You must tell me which song you liked the best."  It turned out that his son Harry was in the audience accompanied by grandma and more than 10 other relatives.  Harlem was somewhat disappointed with his son's post-concert reaction, "He said he liked them all, meaning that he didn't like anything in particular."  When asked if he had heard from ex-wife Annie Yi, Harlem said he received a text message from her wishing him a successful concert.  He had especially deep feelings while performing the hit song "Vernal Soil ", in which they collaborated on the song and lyrics back in 2003.

Harlem channeling KISS

A rare hair-do for Harlem

Source: UDN, Liberty Times, Mingpao
Written by PA

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