Girls of 4Minute meet Da Mouth, prefer MC 40’s humor over Harry’s Korean

The girls of 4minute (back row) like Da Mouth’s MC 40 the most for his genuine smile.

Korean girl group 4minute’s arrival to Taiwan on January 21st was greeted with close to a hundred fans. The members of 4minute were pleasantly surprised with the female fans vastly outnumbering the guy fans, but due to security measures that partly prevented them from meeting their idol fans, the girls were tearful on the spot.

The girls had a busy schedule once they arrived yesterday, getting routed everywhere from 2 o’clock in the afternoon to 9 o’clock in the evening. Their first stop was going on Channel [V]’s program “Music Top 20”, where they got to meet Taiwanese urban musical unit Da Mouth. Upon receiving traditional “du dou” garments (similar to a Western halter top) as a gift from the Taiwanese hip-hop group, the 4minute members responded continuously with “How beautiful!” and “I like it!” and repeatedly pressed the garments on their bodies to see how they looked on them.

Da Mouth’s vocalist Harry, who is 1/4th Korean, hoped that he could win the hearts of 4minutes when he showed off his Korean speaking abilities several times to them. Little did he know though that when the girls of 4minute were asked “which type of guy they appreciated the most”, that they unanimously chose MC 40 instead for “having a sense of humor and charming smile”.

Translator's note: The moral of the story is that girls dig humor over knowing Korean. Oh, and that girls like Da Mouth's DJ Chung Hua the least.


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