Gary Cao gets one year probation for beating up best friend Justin Lo

Malaysian singer songwriter Gary Cao was suspected of displaying street violence at Central, Hong Kong. At court on January 22, due to the prosecuting witness not testifying, the judge granted bail at $1,000 (HKD, approx. NT$4,110). Gary will be under probation for 12 months, and the case will not be put on record.  The judge reminded Gary that during this time, he must not commit any more acts of violence, indecency, or damaging property, otherwise, he will be fined with $1,000 (HKD).

Gary used Cantonese in court and admitted to the case.  He expressed regret for creating such unnecessary trouble to himself and explained that he was under the influence of alcohol. After he left the court, he said that he must apologize to Justin Lo, his family, and to the media. He accepts the decision made by the court and expressed that he will need to watch his behavior for the rest of his life. He also said that he must take responsibility and sacrifice for his wrong-doing. He wishes that because of his experience, it would educate the young teenagers.

Through Gary’s manager, his wife Wu Su Ling expressed, “Thank you for everyone’s care, Gary has already taken responsibility for his behavior. I hope that everyone can continue to support him.” Gary’s manager also stated that Justin and Gary are still friends.

Next to come, Gary will prepare for his February 6 concert in Macao. Afterwards, he will bring his wife and son to return to Malaysia to celebrate the Lunar new year.

Source: UDN, the-sun

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