Full Japanese version of Rainie Yang’s “Ai Mei” released!

Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang has not let up her musical run. Not only did she release her latest Mandopop album “Rainie & Love” less than a month ago, but she’s also serious on focusing her energies on a Japanese album. News of her intentions of doing songs in Japanese had already been released by her while performing as Taiwan’s representative for an international music event last year in Japan to the Japanese press, but Rainie did not put actions to her words until she publicly sang a Japanese version of hit ballad “Ai Mei 曖昧” (English name: “My Intuition”) off her 2005 album of the same name.

If you’ve already heard the original Mandarin version of the song, you’ve already heard the Japanese version. While her Taiwanese accent is slightly noticeable as she’s singing in Japanese, it’s a proud effort on her part for being able to sing the song in what may be her fourth language (Rainie’s also fluent in Taiwanese and has Show Luo-level English skills).

Even in the first month of 2010, Rainie’s only the second famous Taiwanese pop star to release a Japanese song, the first being Van Ness Wu with his “Reason” track from a week prior. The difference though is that Van Ness’ release was an original piece, while Rainie made the safer choice of translating one of her more well-known songs. Will fans also get to fall in love all over again with famous song “Idea Lover 理想情人” from the same 2005 album in a different language? Will she use songs from her latest “Rainie & Love” album to delight Japanese listeners? Is she going to do original pieces specifically for a Japanese audience? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, take a listen of Rainie’s Japanese below for her classic “Ai Mei” song!

Rainie Yang’s “Ai Mei” song (Japanese version):

Rainie Yang’s “Ai Mei” MV (Mandarin version):

Source: http://www.youtube.com/oosakamonky

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