Fish Leong scores double wins at the KKBOX digital awards

The soon-to-be married songstress was the biggest winner at the 5th annual KKBOX digital awards.  Fish Leong placed number 1 with her single “There’s No If” and album Fall in Love & Songs on the respective charts.  She also has 5 albums and 8 singles that made it to the top 100.  Fish Leong was thrilled with the news and said her wedding preparation is going smoothly.  She joked that although the award and her wedding are double happiness, don't expect a pregnancy to make it triple for sure.  In addition to “There’s No If”, Fish Leong has two other songs that placed in the top 10.  They were “Love Song” at number 5 and “Don’t Cry for Him” at number 10.

The Million Star singing contest alumni also had a great showing.  Jam Hsiao’s “Princess” was number 2 in both the singles and albums charts.  Although Yoga Lin didn't release his album until the end of the year, he was still placed number 24 on the albums chart.  Other former contestants like Rachel Liang, Peter Pan and Afalean Lu also made it to the top 100 with their albums. 

Fish Leong and Jam Hisao were also named the top 10 singers of the year, along with Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, Claire Kuo, Jay Chou, Ding Dang, Mayday, A-mei Chang, and Khalil Fong.  The newcomer of the year went to Superidol’s Chang Yun-Jing.  The digital single of the year went to Eric Lim's “I Heard Someone Called You Baby”, and Soft Lipa won the independent spirit award.

The number one western single of the year went to Hikaru Utada’s “Come Back to Me”, while the album award went to Lady Gaga.  The Japanese/Korean charts were dominated by Super Junior.  “Sorry Sorry” was both the number one single and album of the year, with their other single “It’s You” at number 4 and “Why I Like You” in the top 20.

Fish Leong's "There's No If"

Source: CNA, UDN, piaoluntube
Translated by PA  

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