Fish Leong getting married on February 19

Fans of Fish Leong should be thrilled to hear that their favorite songstress will be getting married on February 19th (the 6th day of the Chinese New Year). It was reported that she and boyfriend Tony will be holding their wedding ceremony in Malaysia. The couple has been dating for 3 years, and although rumors circulated that they were to marry in 2009, it looks like the wedding will now finally take place.

Fish Leong expressed her wish for a low-key wedding through her manager, “(We) hope everyone can come in a celebratory mood, because I don't want the wedding to be overly commercialized. (We) also don't want our guests to feel troubled (by the press.)” It has been reported that this will be her only wedding banquet, with 20 tables of guests consisting only close friends and relatives.

Their wedding invitation includes the couple's English names printed on the top left corner, “Tony & Fish Our Wedding”, followed by “February 19th is groom Zhao Yuan-Tong and bride Leong Jing-Ru’s great day of celebration with guests” (in Chinese) printed on the back. The couple hopes to share their joy of love with everyone.

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes
Written by PA

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