The fans have spoken: Taiwanese rocker Jing totally rocks!

Despite what our counterparts over in the K-pop blogosphere want you to believe, there’s a ton of awesome C-pop songs at our disposal for our listening pleasure. So whenever we hear a great C-pop song given a decent vocal makeover from another singer, we benefit from a fresh sound for an enjoyable classic. A younger pop star paying homage to their famed senior’s classic chart-topper? An aspiring contestant trying to impress the judges on their pop song acumen by singing a hit song? If done right, then it’s literally music to our ears.

Therefore, when we witnessed the popalicious Rainie Yang attempt international pop diva Karen Mok’s classic rock anthem “Ai Si Ni” on Taiwanese show One Million Singer, we were quickly reminded of then-contestant Jing (full name: 張芸京Chang Yun-jing) and her phenomenal rendition of the same song over a year ago on singing competition show Super Idol before later winning it all that season.

We figured that since Rainie and Jing both had such different musical styles while attempting the same song, and since we had some harmless fun throwing a poll for Wu Bai’s classic rock tune and Angela Chang’s epic ballad previously, then why not throw a Jing/Rainie poll and see which performance between both singers that people preferred? Then things got interesting.

Shortly after throwing the poll together, our site started to get a non-trivial bump in traffic from web sites that we usually don’t get traffic from. Upon closer inspection, we realized that all these sites were Jing fan sites: Jing’s Castle (English), Jing’s Gold Typhoon music label forum (Chinese), and (Chinese)! Not only were Jing’s English-speaking fans voting on our innocent little poll, but even Chinese-speaking ones were swinging by our part of the internet. It definitely shows, since as of the morning of the first day of 2010, Jing votes vastly outnumber Rainie votes by 180 to 15. Amazing stuff.

Jing fans were clearly motivated in mobilized their support for their up-and-coming female rock singer, and we can’t blame them. She’s pretty much one of the most underrated talents in the Mandopop scene, and she isn’t getting enough love from the English-based C-pop blogosphere. We here at CpopAccess are definitely touched by the dedication from you Jing fans out there in supporting your underappreciated rock singer. Therefore, we will do our best to continue providing English-based news coverage of Taiwanese rocker Jing in order to help spread the Jing-sation (that’s right, we combined ‘Jing’ and ‘sensation’ into one word). Jing should be proud to have fans like you guys.

And to you Rainie fans? We only have this to say: How dare you let down your pop star goddess?! (Haha, just kidding. Please don’t kill us. We like Rainie, too.)

Haven’t heard of Jing yet? OMG, what’s wrong with you? Scope out one of her amazing MVs below, courtesy of awesome YouTube channel mengsion! And if you want your fix on Jing, swing by her English-based Jing fan club communities as well. Her AsianFanatics thread is one great source, headed up by diehard fan and AF resident minchong92, who’s also an amazing crew member for AF news. And there’s the international fan forum for English speakers at Jing’s Castle! While getting your Jing fix there, be sure to say hi to their friendly members there too!

Jing’s “You Fly你飛吧” MV:

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