Fancams of Crowd Lu at Midem 2010

Crowd Lu recently attended the Midem 2010 Music Trade Fair in Cannes representing Taiwan. He showcased his youthful Taiwanese rock & roll spirit with his trademark bowl-cut hair and shorts. Crowd Lu currently majors in Spanish at the Tamkang University, and he was thrilled that the French waiter understood him when he ordered a seafood dish in Spanish.

As a part of his rock & roll lifestyle, Crowd Lu didn't forget to have breakfast even when he was in Cannes. He complimented the tasty croissants from Paris, but said that he loves the simple congee and side dishes from Taipei the most. Crown Lu will be performing in a mini concert on February 28th at the Riverside Live house. He said he can’t wait to see the fans again and will share his experience from the overseas performance.

Here are some excellent fancams by killdog981:

Oh Yeah!

Good Morning

I No

7 Days

Don't Kill Me

I Love You

Source: UDN, killdog981
Translated by PA

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