Fahrenheit in pornographic calendar; Companies express intention to sue

The pictures of the four handsome flower boys of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Aaron Yan, have recently been infringed upon by a Hong Kong internet community. Their photos were surreptitiously substituted into a pornographic 2010 calendar of males for males -- the contents were extremely sensational. Their management companies have stated that they will defend their rights through the law.

Pornographic calendar from surreptitiously substituted photos

According to netizens, in the homosexual forum of a HK online community, just several days ago, Wu Chun and Calvin's faces were placed onto macho-man bodies, creating a photo of these two in an ambiguous (Love) relationship. Besides being sold on a DVD named "Follow Me", they were also used to recruit new online members.

In addition to this, the community even claimed that as long as one joined, they could provide the member with the member's favorite male star surreptitiously substituted into photos. Recently four pages of the manufactured 2010 calender leaked out. They were sensual pornographic photos with Fahrenheit as the source material including Jiro and Wu Chun love photos, Aaron and Wu Chun open-legged, completely nude photos, etc. Some netizens praised that the realistic fakes while others felt they were lacking.

Management companies state intentions to sue

To this, Wu Chun, who belongs to Fu Long (management company), said, "It's extremely preposterous." and, after getting a better understanding of the situation, will be looking for a way to resolve this, not eliminating the idea of a lawsuit. The other three who are under Tian Xi (company) also said they will be taking legal actions to ferret out those who broke the law.

Source: Liberty Times

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