Evan Yo’s punk rock MV “Love So Right” a bittersweet parting gift to fans

The days following Taiwanese singer Evan Yo’s departure for mandatory military service, his fans were given the bittersweet parting gift of Evan’s January 8th release of his latest repackaged album “Loneliness”, as well as the release of his new MV “Love So Right”. The release of the multi-genre music artist's latest makes it his third album release, consisting of not only songs that he composed, but also those from Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s Masa, who penned the song from his latest MV.

In his newest album, Evan incorporates a mix of pop, rock, R&B, and especially his favorite genre punk rock, because of his influences from American mainstream idols such as Green Day and Avril Lavigne. The album took a year as a starting point for dedicating himself as a full-time singer. In order to get the best quality out of each song, Evan would stay in the recording studio until dawn every day. He ended up going to the studio back and forth to record for the album at least ten times until he was satisfied.

It’s only fitting then that the first MV to be released shortly after his sudden departure to mandatory military service be a parting gift to his fans, as the video features some of those very fans as he sings his favorite music genre. And as he sings his byes to loneliness and helplessness in the lyrics to his song, it almost feels as if though he’s also saying bye to his fans. The farewells are fortunately only temporarily though, because even though Evan’s Mandopop career in 2010 ended surprisingly early, he has more than enough musical talent for the music industry to happily embrace him again come 2011.

Check out Evan Yo's latest punk rock MV, courtesy of blump3music!

Evan Yo’s “Love So Right” MV:

Source: Sina, UDN, blump3music

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