Evan Yo left for military service on January 5th

It has been reported previously that Evan Yo will be heading to the military this year after graduating from university.  The time seemed to have come much sooner than expected as he previously planned to enter in late January.  However, he quietly joined the military on January 5th after receiving his notification.  Evan Yo record company has hoped to organize a farewell party and invite his mentor Jacky Wu.  Unfortunately the local king had a very busy schedule so the plans had to be scrapped.

Evan Yo's last album Loneliness was released back in October of last year, and a repackaged version has just been released on the 8th.  His record company originally planned a concert on the 15th to promote the re-release and let him bid farewell to the fans.  Due to the sudden change of plans, they will cancel the concert and refund tickets.  On a brighter note, Evan Yo has already completed some military training credits, so he will only be in the military for 11 months. 

Evan Yo's "The sky that you cannot see" MV

Source: UDN, blump3music
Written by PA

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