Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao on the art of French kissing

Although the two actors are not kissing each other in Monga, Ethan Ruan is still the expert when it comes to the art of kissing. His costars Mark Chao and Alice Ke play innocent first loves in the new movie. They contemplated whether their characters' first kiss should involve any tongue action. Ethan Ruan joined their discussion and insisted that the tongue should be applied whenever possible.  In the end, Mark Chao and Alice Ke agreed that a first kiss should be light with a bit of shyness. Mark Chao said his own first kiss was also like that, with no tongue involved.

On the contrary, Ethan Ruan had a completely different opinion as he was taught by his mom to “tongue” whenever he can. He revealed that he had once asked his mom on how to French kiss. Ethan's mom demonstrated by slapping her hands together but he wasn’t able to understand. Eventually his mom offered to try it out with him to show him how it is done. Ethan Ruan said his first kiss was given to his mom, and it was the kind that involved the tongue…

 Mark Chao with costar Alice Ke

Mark Chao with French Kiss expert Ethan Ruan

Video of them in action in case if anyone is interested (starting at 0:22)

Source: Nownews, UDN, gayfortw

Translated by PA

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