Elisa Lin rocks on in latest “What I Want” MV!

If newcomer Taiwanese Mandopop singer Cindy Yen had an evil twin, her contemporary Elisa Lin may very well be that person. That’s not to say that such a description is a reflection on Elisa’s character as a musician. In fact, Elisa’s probably one of the hardest-working debut Mandopop artists out there in the Mandopop music industry  Her grassroots promotions on various YouTube channels to her constant live performance schedule at diverse music venues really speaks highly of her work ethic.

We only bring up the “twin” analogy simply because of just how similar the paths both Cindy and Elisa took to get where they are as debut artists in the Mandopop scene. Both are Taiwanese-Americans that went back to their ancestral roots to pursue their musical careers, both are talented musicians that got where they are today based on their musical gifts instead of an idol background, both are skilled instrument players that dish out great tunes on the acoustic guitar, and both have been making their rounds on Taiwan’s variety television programs at the same time on the merits of their musical and instrument-playing abilities (sometimes even sharing airtime together on the same program).

The difference though lies in their choice of styles, hence the “evil” part. While Cindy unleashes positive and uplifting melodies, Elisa has taken a grittier flavor on the same instrumental tools. Much like how a musically-darker Cindy resembles Elisa, an optimistic-sounding Elisa could pass for a Cindy. The reality is though that despite their background similarities and debuting at roughly the same time, Cindy’s been reaping the joys of success, while Elisa’s more or less had more of a cult following.  Put another way, if Cindy were the current female equivalent of Jay Chou in terms of success, then Elisa would be for Jay Chou’s lesser-known contemporary Kenji Wu. Funny how history has a way of repeating itself, as Jay’s been pulling the strings to Cindy’s initial debut success, while Kenji's been putting his full support for Elisa.

With Elisa’s latest MV “What I Want”, we’re given a fourth MV taste of her music. The song is an enjoyable listen that calls to mind Faye’s vocals and rock style from her earlier F.I.R. at times. The latest song also adds another layer to the diversity of her album that stretches back to her excellent debut tune “I Believe”. It's too bad that Elisa’s career isn’t as secured as Cindy’s, or that her freshman release "I Am Not 我不是" hasn't been a critical success compared to Cindy's self-titled debut album, because Elisa really deserves better.

Elisa Lin 林依霖’s “What I Want 我要不要” MV:

MV Source: blump3music

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