Down with Love delayed to January 31st

The highly anticipated idol drama has been pushed back one week and will make its debut on January 31st instead. Down with Love, starring Jerry Yan and Ella from S.H.E, was supposed to premiere next Sunday on January 24th. The GTV produced drama has been promoted heavily on TV, Internet, radio, and even public transit. Fans were shocked when the drama's TV promos on Friday suddenly changed the air date to January 31st instead. GTV’s representative explained, “The approval for Down with Love from (the censorship bureau of) China has been delayed by a week. Our Mainland collaborators would like us to push back the air date for one week. We will air one more episode of a behind the scenes special, with additional footage from Hangzhou and the premiere party.” When asked what will happen if the approval doesn’t come through in time, GTV responded, “The reason for the approval delay is not related to the drama’s content; it is a process issue. No matter what happens, CTV will air it on the 31st.”

Due to previous rumors of Jerry Yan and Show Luo being at odds, some suspected the move was to avoid the finale of Luo’s drama Hi, My Sweetheart on the 24th. However, GTV refuted this claim and said both dramas are being aired on GTV anyways. If this is the reason, then they would have picked 31st as the air date for Down with Love in the first place. A premiere press conference for Down with Love will take place on the 20th as originally planned. The event will be decorated as Jerry Yan and Ella’s wedding, with director He Han-Chen as the marriage ceremony witness. They have prepared 3 different types of Thank you cards, in addition to chocolate treats sponsored by Stella Huang’s “Black as Chocolate”.

Here is a the first part of the behind the scenes special that aired on the 17th, the rest are available on gar0922's channel:

Source: Appledaily TW, Chinatimes, gar0922
Translated by PA

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