Donnie Yen gets big paycheck for modeling undies

Very few stars can demand over 10 million RMB per movie, but that is not the case if you are WORLD STAR Donnie Yen! In fact, 10 million is not even enough to pay half of his salary for a movie, but it might be enough to get him to model some men's underwear. Donnie Yen was rumored to have been paid 15 million for doing a new set of underwear ads for a brand in Mainland China. Concerning his payday, he said, “It is over 10 million, but I can't give the exact numbers.”

Donnie Yen has been on a roll in 2009 with a string of hit movies. He was called the number one money-maker of the year, reportedly making over 200 million RMB. He responded, “Huh? Oh no! That's exaggerated! The revenue department will come after me, there is no way I'll admit to this!” Concerning rumors that his salary-per-movie has risen to 22 million, he said, “Someone has offered me this amount to do a movie, but artists are in a passive position. The market adjusts naturally, like stocks rising and falling. I can only do my best in each movie.”

His new movie Bodyguards and Assassins has made over 275 million in the Mainland box office. Donnie Yen would like to thank the audience for their support. He said the movie's success is not solely based on him, and he was already happy just to be a part of the production. His new movie 14 Blades, in which he battles Pirate Wu Chun, will hit theatres during the Chinese New Year. Donnie Yen said he doesn't feel the burden of box office success, and only hopes that everyone can acknowledge his contribution and influence to Chinese movies.

Unfortunately there is no video footage of his photo shoot, but here's a clip of Donnie Yen when he visited SETTV's Showbiz (WQYL) to promote Ip Man. Hosts JR and Meng Zhe show what happens when fools try to challenge Donnie Yen.....

Source:, KungFuEremite

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