Director of Monga thanks Jay Chou for coming up with the idea

A press conference was held on the 28th for the upcoming movie Monga with producer Li Le and director Niu Cheng-Ze. They were accompanied by cast members Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Alice Ke, Ma Ru-Long, Jason Huang, Chen Han-Dian, Huang Deng-hui and Emerson Tsai.

At the press conference, the actors talked about their feelings after watching the movie. Alice Ke said she was crying after the movie ended and had to take a walk to calm herself down. Mark Chao revealed that he was timid to take the role at first as he has grown up in Canada.  He wasn't very familiar with the culture of that era, but the movie had helped him with understanding the spirit of Taiwan.

Director Niu presented a gold medallion to each actor inscribed with their names as a souvenir. He said Ethan Ruan and himself are very similar as they both have come from the streets. Moreover, their careers didn’t go smoothly in the beginning, therefore they have a better understanding of each other.

Director Niu also expressed his gratitude towards Jay Chou for his idea of making a movie about Monga. They have started to prepare for the project together but Jay Chou had to drop out two weeks prior to filming. Director Niu said he didn’t know the exact reason for the exit but he is still very thankful for Jay Chou’s involvement. It was rumored that Jay’s mom had thought of the unavoidable violence in this genre of movies. She reminded her son that many youths look up to him, and being in a gang movie might have a negative impact on them.

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Source: Nownews
Translated by PA

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