Da Mouth are ready for some action in new "French Kiss" MV

Da Mouth's second single off their "One, Two Three" album is a cheeky little song called "French Kiss". The members were asked to share their unforgettable "experiences". Lead vocalist Harry revealed that he had a cold during one makeout session, and when they kissed he accidentally left some snot on the girl's face, which is really disgusting. In addition, Japanese female vocalist Aisa remembers 3 years ago when she was filming an idol drama, she had a kissing scene with the male actor. When they filmed the scene the actor had the guts to stick out his tongue, turning Aisa's face pale from fright who screamed, "Stop! You're too aggressive!" resulting in a very awkward situation.

However, the music video and song itself don't go into any graphic detail. In fact, "French Kiss" sounds like a very playful big band song, with lots of trumpet, which perhaps attributes to the fanfare one hears when they're in love. The chorus, which consists of Da Mouth chanting "French Kiss" in Taiwanese, is very catchy and is reminiscent of their debut song "In the End". One again Da Mouth divides themselves up into primary colors against a geometric Lego-like background, and Aisa even has a really cool Lego gun. My favorite part is rapper MC40's facial expressions and little jiggy dance during the bridge as he stutters "g-g-g-g-et it on!"

article and music video credits go to the awesome TaiwanMv!

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