Crowd Lu will finish Eason's song request before he's 40

After winning Golden Melody’s best new artist award, Crowd Lu continued to keep himself busy where he released a new album and held a concert. While promoting hard for his album, he still attends the two classes he has per week. Crowd has been doing quite well in school, so if all goes well, he should be graduating in June of this year, and then he will have to prepare to fulfill his military duties. He’s not afraid that serving the military would affect his career and expresses that once he graduates, he will apply to enter and won’t avoid it.

Currently, Crowd Lu is having a tough time with Eason Chan’s song request. Once his promotions are done, he will then concentrate on composing to help Eason write a Hit Song. When will this new song be released? Crowd giggles, “If I can concentrate and write songs for others, it would probably take until I’m 40.”

As the dark-horse who took home the Golden Melody award, Crowd expressed that the award has not changed his lifestyle much. He continues to play video games and guitar. Under manager Zhong Cheng Hu's suggestion, Crowd donated his prize money of NT$2 hundred thousand to the Red Cross. He only bought a set of NT$30 thousand speakers to reward himself.

Source: UDN news

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