Crowd Lu in Elle Magazine: Corny Jokes make a Happy Life

An exclusive and extremely personal interview with 2009 Golden Melody Award Winner for Best Newcomer, Crowd Lu!

“Once upon a time in modern society, there was a toilet-bowl-shaped haired, black-rimmed-glasses wearing boy who always wore shorts. He accidentally falls through the time-space continuum and travels back 200 years to Qing Dynasty Taiwan. He happens to meet a man and a woman who are lovers in the forest, after a series of disputes, in the end the woman falls in love with the shorts-wearing boy and follows him back to the year 2009….”

"This is a script I thought of myself-a love story. If SETTV (note: TV channel in Taiwan, the same one that airs hit dramas such as “My Queen”)is willing to use it, I wouldn’t mind acting in it. I love watching SETTV!"

Before hearing the end of his story, the people around are already rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL). But Crowd doesn’t mind being laughed at. He always tries to be himself and doesn’t mind being seen as comical-in fact, he loves making other people laugh uncontrollably. When Crowd Lu flashes his signature grin, you can’t help but be infected by his sunshine aura.

Wants a girlfriend like Ren Ying Ying

"The only thing missing in my life is love. I can only use my imagination to guess what love feels like. My idea of love is very simple: two people sitting face-to-face who can’t stop smiling at each other. In my new album “Seven Days” there are many love songs. When I was recording it I happened to be reading a book called “Willful”. When I read about the female character, Ren Ying Ying, who is extremely benevolent, I imagined her as having a very pretty nose, thick eyebrows and big eyes. If I could have a girlfriend like her, who would allow herself to be locked in Shaolin Temple and many other things for me as she did in the book, I would be very touched. But I’m a very shy person who doesn’t know how to pursue a girl, and I feel like it is not necessary to date every girl you meet."

A song for his grandfather for a singing elderly singing competition

"My family has a huge influence on me, especially my parents and my grandparents. They are all optimistic people. Their support is my biggest motivation to pursue music. However, my mom has one problem-she wants me to wear long pants (translator’s note: LOL). She thinks I look better with them. My dad is more of the silent type and usually doesn’t like to express his feelings, but one time he called me and said that he and the family would always be my support. When I heard this the tears immediately started flowing.

I really miss my late grandmother. Every time I see my grandfather cleaning his room and wiping the dust off the picture of my grandmother I always can’t help but cry quietly. I remember while she was still alive my grandmother would always sing to my grandfather. After she passed away my grandfather bought a karaoke machine and started singing on his own, even competing in senior citizen singing clubs, to ease the loneliness. Therefore I hope in the future I can release a Taiwanese dialect album so my grandfather can use my songs to compete in elderly singing competitions."

If there was a gadget that could get rid of unhappy thoughts

"On the outside, I appear to be very cheerful. But after I go home, I too often feel sad, alone, angry, and many other emotions. Just like in the manga “Detroit Metal City” the main character appears to be a passive and weak young man, but after he puts on his heavy makeup, he turns into a powerful aggressive rock star, like a dual personality.

My dual personality lies in my imagination. For example, I imagine myself riding in a cab and suddenly opening the door and jumping out. I imagine myself opening my mouth so wide I can swallow the earth. I imagine myself punching someone and breaking his nose. I especially love to imagine having a lot of gadgets. With the wave of my hand, I can summon then just like in “The Matrix”. Or even if I could somehow have a gadget that could make everyone’s unhappy thoughts disappear. I don’t want to be a hero. I just want there to be peace in the world."

Special message by the interviewer: Crowd Lu's spanish name is Remiel, which means guardian angel. This geeky angel is one in a million: not only does he warms hearts with his voice, but he has a mission to save the world with his music!

Source: UDN, Elle Magazine Taiwan

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