BEAST tags along with 4Minute on concert tour, ends up being more popular!

The five girls of Korean pop group 4minute probably didn’t know, but by taking their handsome younger bros BEAST along to Taiwan for their concert, their handsome younger bros eventually became more popular!

Korean guy group BEAST

When the two groups first had a meet-and-greet with their fans in Taiwan the day before, BEAST ended up having much more fans, far exceeding the count that the organizers of the event expected. When 4minute came back to perform, they conformed to the customary Chinese Mandarin greeting by saying “Da jia hao (Hello, everyone)”.

Korean girl group 4minute

The girls of 4minute expressed that, in order to show their sincerity to their Taiwanese fans, they had a “Taiwan Limited Edition” type of performance, which was the kind that they never performed back in Korea.

4minute will be holding their concert in the Taipei International Convention Center later that day.

Source: The Liberty Times

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