Baron Chen is difficult to deal with, CTS gets hopping mad

Baron Chen (Chen Chu He/River Chen) does not lose to Jerry Yan in terms of being difficult to deal with. On January 31st, CTS's idol drama, Fairy Tale Under Starlight, in which Baron is the male lead, will be coming head-to-head with his ex-girlfriend Ella Chen's Down With Love. However, he has only taken offers to be on 3 programs, is not going to promote on CTS, and has even let go of chances to be on (Lunar) New Year programs. This has let to inner turmoil with the station.

Fairy Tale Under Starlight stars Baron Chen, Lego Li, Megan Lai, and Chie Tanaka. It is also the first time Baron will be the male lead. CTS regards this series with great importance -- they have organized special programs in-a-row on January 26th and 27th. On the 27th, they were suppose to record "Fairy Tale Under Starlight Welcomes Spring" to be broadcasted on the first day of the New Year. The 26th is Genius Go Go Go (天才衝衝衝)'s special program where all four leads were to be present. Baron Chen had previously agreed to be present, however, as the date nears he is using "need to leave the country" as the reason for a need to cancel making CTS and the production team hopping mad.

Since at present Baron has only solely attended 2 TTV programs, some people could not help but complain, "Is the drama Baron Chen is in a TTV drama?" Yesterday, Baron's management company responded saying, "When CTS asked, Baron was on Mainland, therefore he did not agree to go on the two special programs."

Producer Virginia Liu said on behalf of Baron, "Baron was extremely good though it was his first time being the male lead. CTS must be very unhappy that he cannot go on the programs. However, the management company will be going to promote 'Butterfly and Sword' (WuXia series). We cannot say anything. At least he will have returned by the 28th to attend the premiere."

Just yesterday, Baron Chen, Megan Lai, and other actors went on TVBS's Queen (女人我最大) to promote. They demonstrated how to wear the clothes to bring out a "skinny" bride and groom since just the other day Ella and Jerry Yan held a wedding ceremony for their series on Queen. When Baron was asked whether he had seen how Ella looked in a wedding dress, Baron said while laughing, "I also wore a female's wedding dress in the show, she can't be more embarrassed than me!" He also said that he had been too busy with work recently and have not gotten in touch with Ella.

Source: UDN

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