Avatar starring Angela Chang and Donnie Yen?

As the 3D blockbuster Avatar continues to take the worldwide box office by storm, fans have also picked up on the striking resemblance between some local stars and characters from the movie.  Many noticed that singer/actress Angela Chang looks surprisingly similar to Princess Neytiri.  Netizens even posted pictures of the two (plus their own creations) to state their case, while others argue that the princess looks like WORLD STAR and underwear model Donnie Yen.

Angela Chang VS Princess Neytiri

Ip ManDonnie Yen VS Princess Neytiri

Netizens were captivated by Princess Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana) and became curious about the actress behind the character.  Some responded to their curiosity by commenting that the princess was in fact played by Angela Chang.  After comparing their pictures, netizens claimed their similarity is over 90%.  Others suspected that Angela Chang must have been secretly expanding her career into Hollywood.

Evolution from Princess Angela to Princess Neytiri (created by Netizens)

Source: Nownews
Translated by PA

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