Attack of the Clones: Show Luo visits WAHSHBBT

Show Luo recently appeared on the January 14th episode of the Channel V show “WAHSBBT”. Hey Girl, Choc7, and other Di Dis and Mei Meis went all out to mimic their idol’s songs, dances, and even costumes, making the entire episode a contest to see who could imitate Show Luo the best.

Creative imitations make the original astonished

Arriving well dressed and ready to go, Show divided up the members into two teams and in each round the two opposing sides would perform the same song. This made the performances even more interesting and even host Blackie said that this recording was as exciting as their annual Chinese New Year episodes. In the first group’s performance, Yong Tu imitated Show’s “Hi My Sweetheart” main character Da Lang by wearing a “toilet bowl hair” wig, adding on red shorts and a Pink Panther balloon to complete the look. Yong Tu had to wear two wigs to create the “toilet bowl hair” shape. When she danced, the wigs jiggled with her and it looked like they were about to fall off any second, making Show laugh uncontrollably as he watched her performance.

Yong Tu as Da Lang performing "Hot Shot"

Hu Ya crashes and burns, Show Luo scolds him on the spot

Hu Ya performed "Support" (the one with a bazillion cameos, original mv here), using his signature robot dance to give the song a new feeling which impressed Show Luo. However, when Hu Ya tried to do a forward somersault at the end, he didn’t catch the right angle when landing and landed painfully on his knees, making everyone on set break into a cold sweat. Fortunately, he was not seriously hurt, but Show couldn’t help but say that “that move is really dangerous and you didn’t flip in the right direction.” Blackie challenged, “Why don’t you demonstrate for us?” to which Show laughed, “You want to me to embarrass myself don’t you?”

Hu Ya's performance of "Support" + "One Man Show"

Exciting performances made Show dance along

Mao Di sang and danced to “Dancing Gate”, making Show so astonished his mouth dropped into the shape of an “O”. Mao Di also performed Show Luo and Elva Hsiao’s recent dance hit “WOW” with Mei Mei Tang Guo, which made Show declare, “This performance is even better than the original!” Next, Wenzi and Wei Yu wore perfectly replicated costumes off Show’s current single “The Leading Role” and danced flawlessly to its choreography. Watching their incredible performance, Show couldn’t help but join in with Wengzi and Wei Yu on the dance floor, creating a sizzling atmosphere in the studio.

Mao Di and Tang Guo-"Dancing Gate" and "WOW"

Wei Yu's version of "The Leading Role"

Wengzi's rendition of "The Leading Role"

Show, Wengzi, and Wei Yu all performing together "The Leading Role"

all video credits courtesy of the awesome sugoishowV's channel!


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