Angela Chang and Show Luo film ice cream ad in icy weather

Over a week ago, popular Taiwanese entertainers Show Luo and Angela Chang headed over to Shanghai in order film a commercial for some ice cream treats. In the past, Show’s manager forbid Show from eating the fatty sugary refreshments for fear of his figure, but Show now had a valid excuse to splurge on the unhealthy goods. Braving the nearly freezing water temperatures of 2°C, Show started to get a cold after gulping down thirty of the treats.

The ice cream ad marks the first time that Show and Angela have collaborated, so the both of them were initially not personal with each other. Their first day meeting was a bit rusty, but Show resorted to humor the following day in order to break the ice (excuse the pun). Since the ad is to air in the summer, Show had to wear short sleeves, while Angela battled the frigid temperatures in a short skirt on the cold streets of Shanghai. As the two shivered during the shooting, the pair would seek a heat source to stay warm when not in front of the cameras. As Show’s part in the commercial ended earlier, Angela felt jealous at having to stay longer for the shoot.

Eating all that ice cream in the cold made Show crave for hot pot, as his agent felt concern over Show’s face getting fatter from the ice cream binge. It’s been reported that the cost for shooting the commercial has been tagged at NT$25 million with the inclusion of Show. For Angela, this marks the fifth consecutive that she’s endorsed the ice cream product. This time, the veteran singer will be using the ad as a vehicle to promote her song “Looking for Emily” off her latest album “Fifth Season” album, since the song is set to be the commercial’s theme song.


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