Alien Huang’s Romantic Song Preview for 3rd MV!

After releasing a full preview of his overly-long named track “The Most Romantic Song in the World” off his latest album offering “Love Hero”, Alien Huang is set to release the track in MV form next after his album debut rock MV “Toy Guns and Roses” and his slower rock jam “Screwed Up”.
The “Romantic Song” track was bound to have its own MV, especially since it was one of the songs that Alien promoted before his album’s release. The only surprise is that he decided to release the song as the third MV. Since releasing the faster-paced “Toy Guns and Roses” track as the first MV, the second MV was either going to be “Romantic Song” or “Screwed Up”. With “Screwed Up” chosen, following it up with another ballad in “Romantic Song” marks two slow MV tunes in a row for the aspiring rocker.

It was probably a safer move on Alien’s part though, since those three songs were the most promoted songs prior to album release. In other words, releasing “Romantic Song” as the third track probably had more upside to Alien than releasing a less promoted heavier song.

With the release of the preview, the full MV should be released any day now.  In the meantime, take a look at the almost two minute preview of Alien’s upcoming MV, courtesy of TaiwanMV.

Alien Huang’s MV Preview of “The Most Romantic Song in the World”:

Source: TaiwanMV

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