Alicia Liu admits to having sex change operation

Just in case if anyone is still following this scandal, model/actress Alicia Liu admitted in a new interview that she had a sex change operation at the age of 18.  She has received overwhelming support from the public and her costars on the variety show Big Party since the scandal broke out last week.  Interestingly, the TVBS reporter who treated her impolitely during the post-scandal interview has also become the target of netizens and a popular parody on the show. 

In the Chinatimes magazine interview, Alicia Liu said she has originally planned to reveal the secret after she becomes famous.  She wants everyone to know that even people like her can have a successful life and career.  Although she is not the only transgender celebrity in the business, many were caught off guard as her facial features or frame really didn't give much away.

 A TVBS reporter (circled in red) became almost as famous as the protagonist in this scandal.

Alicia Liu has been in love 5 times before and changed her life with the help of her second boyfriend.  He paid for her sex change operation when she was 18 but they ultimately broke up after a year.  Her more recent ex-boyfriend, a fellow model from the same agency, refuted claims that she was a man just last week.  When asked how she explained herself to him, Alicia Liu burst into laughter, “When he called to console me and asked me if the scandal was real, I admitted it to him.  As a result, he screamed, ‘!@#%1234#!  Why didn’t you say it earlier?’  Then I told him, I’m really upset too, and tired!  He eventually accepted the truth and supports me.”

Alicia Liu shows her ID stating that she is officially listed as female. 

Alicia Liu’s family supports her decision but she worries that the media's attention will become a burden.  A TV station went to Tao-Yuan last week and interviewed her grandmother.  She described Alicia Liu as a “spirit trapped in the wrong body”.  Even though she now appears as a woman, Alicia Liu still has to face the fact that she can’t bear a child.  She said she hasn't met someone that she wants to spend her life with yet.  When she gets married and wants children in the future, Alicia Liu hopes to do that through adoption. 

Check out Alicia Liu in a Backstreet Boys parody on Big Party:
(She is second from the left as “Nick”, the rest are pretty easy to figure out.)

Video of TVBS reporter harassing Alicia Lu:

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews
Written by PA

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