AK's hard work spurs on Peter Ho

AK in their Mi Gu Celebrity School uniforms with Peter Ho 

Andy Chen had spit out blood while recording and Kris Shen completed 3 days of final exams in just one day. With AK taking such risks, their senior, Peter Ho with no choice but to work overtime to rush his drama in order squeeze in time to support his juniors. Another handsome guy, Huang Xiao Ming, also gave his support.

Andy and Kris' group AK participated in Bejing's Mi Gu Celebrity School (咪咕明星學院) variety show's selection program. From within 200 people, the 2 have advanced to the top 15. Since the competition was fierce and all the contestants brought out their trump cards, even though AK's senior, Peter Ho, of the same company was in Nanjing filming the series Cloud-like Beauty (美女如云 - note: there is no official English name for this series) for 12 hours everyday, in order to take a day off to go to Beijing, he could only go overtime for an entire week, staying up all night to rush the drama.

Besides Peter Ho making AK feel very touched, Huang Xiao Ming, who had once acted with Kris in Summer's Desire, also came to their aid. Kris made a phone call to give it a try and didn't expect Huang Xiao Ming to immediately agree. Kris told his manager, "Brother Huang Xiao Ming is really terrific. Whether he is able to successfully ask for time off or not, we will still be extremely grateful.

In these past 2 days, AK actually asked for time off to return to Taiwan to record for their new album. Perhaps the long stay in Beijing was too dry and cold, but, on the previous night, Andy spit out blood while recording and was rushed to the hospital; The Kris who always placed great importance on schoolwork typically borrows notes from Taiwan classmates in order to self-study. This time he came back to Taiwan to make it in time for the final exams -- He finished 3 days of exams in 1 day.

Source: UDN

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