A Chord awaits for notice to serve the military

Last year’s voted on the web as most popular new male singer song-writer A Chord Hsieh, will be entering the military in April. Just the night before, he held his mini-concert “Serving the military is actually not that dangerous” at Taipei.

His senior, Lala Xu Jia Ying first posed as a devil trainer giving tough commands to A Chord, telling him to do pushups one minute and lift weights in the next. A Chord, who was out of breath, put up both his hands to surrender, “We’re having a concert here today, so I still need to reserve some energy to sing and play the guitar.” While Lala Xu replied, “It’s so fun to be a devil trainer, I’m not done yet.” With 600 attendees, A Chord and Lala Xu performed the duet, “Your phone,” where these two singer song-writers rearranged the song into a rock version.

A Chord has released albums before and has been in idol dramas. He has also recently released his latest book and EP, “The Earth is Actually Not That Dangerous.” But unlike other idols A Chord has decided to accept and fulfill his military duties rather than postponing it.

News clip on A Chord's mini-concert with Lala Xu as special guest

Source: UDN news, bluefish930

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