4Minute & BEAST speak Chinese to shout their love of Taiwan

Korean group 4minute performing at the Taipei International Convention Center

The beautiful ladies of Korean group 4minute were together with their handsome younger bros BEAST in concert at the Taipei International Convention Center this evening.  Although boy band BEAST were missing one member in AJ/KiKwang, the 5 guys plus 5 girls all gave shoutouts in both Chinese Mandarin and local language Taiwanese on how they love Taiwan, in order to attract their Korean fans to come over in Taiwan.

Once the young girls of 4minute (whose average age is 18-19 years old) stepped on stage, they greeted the audience by saying hello in Taiwanese.  The most impressive spoken Chinese Mandarin phrase that the group learned was a difficult one that translates as “four minutes to seize your hearts”.  Although it was 4minute’s first time visiting Taiwan, there have been fans that have been following the group by car, but that enthusiasm has not yet transpired into album sales though.

It was emerged that 4minute has an interest in Taiwanese entertainment, as they didn’t forget to praise Taiwan’s gorgeous male stars. JiYoon and HyunAh both love the 2007 Taiwanese film “Secret” because of Jay Chou, and believe from the movie that Taiwanese guys have a “kind" side.  GaYoon couldn’t conceal her interest in Show Luo, being a fan of the currently airing Taiwanese idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart”JiHyun has watched 2001’s acclaimed Taiwanese idol drama “Meteor Garden”, and believes that Taiwan has many handsome guys and beautiful girls.  And SoHyun supports Taiwanese seniors and fellow music labelmates Da Mouth.

BEAST, who debuted after only three months following the gorgeous female group, originally expected to have only a warm reception to their performance.  The day before however, the bulk of fans were Taiwanese female Kpop fans who made more noise for the guy group than their older sister group.  Of the six members from the guy group, AJ/KiKwang was absent due to filming a drama, while DongWoon fluently spoke in a Beijing Chinese accent to his fans and said, “We’re learning Chinese for our Taiwanese friends.  Everyone please support our effort.”

Source: udn.com

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