4Minute and BEAST grab spotlight in Taipei concert

The beautiful Korean girl group 4minute, along with younger boy band bros BEAST, held their concert in Taiwan as part of their international concert tour yesterday.  The performance, which attracted over a thousand fans, showcased 4minute decked out in reflective black and red clothing as they performed songs from “Muzik”.  Members HyunAh, JiHyun, and GaYoon showed off their eye-popping sexy legs and revealed more of themselves by stripping off their coats.  The charming little brother group BEAST, who barely hit one hundred days since their debut, took to the stage to enthusiastic screams, nearly exceeding the craziness from their older sister group's performance.

When 4minute first stepped on stage, they greeted the audience with both Chinese Mandarin and also Taiwanese phrases such as “How is everyone” and “Have you eaten?” (note: the second greeting is analogous to “How’s the weather?” in English).  The ladies of the group were introduced to Taiwanese culture through their TV shows, while also studying up quite a bit on the country’s local Taiwanese language (note: 70% of the country speak the language), which came in handy for the concert.  While the group is in the spotlight, the girls would chat up a storm.  But when they’re each doing their own thing, JiHyun would be the mother figure and take care of everyone, while the sleepy-headed HyunAh would be the little girl type, enjoying the care of her groupmates.

The rookie boy band BEAST was hugely popular with the young female audience in attendance.  Seeing lit-up signs of their name written on them made the boy band feel both surprised and flattered, as they responded, “We didn’t think that so many fans would come.  Their loud screams are even more amazing than the Korean fans.”  The group also expressed that they hoped to achieve the standard set by idol group Shinhwa and set that level of popularity as their goal.  Since group member AJ was busy shooting for a drama and was unable to attend, BEAST hoped that they could come back to Taiwan and perform with him in the lineup.

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Cut from Taipei concert:

Source: UDN
Image source: yule.tom.com

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