4Minute and BEAST express admiring Jay Chou during interview on Taiwanese program

Popular South Korean group 4minute brought along uber-handsome boy band BEAST for the first time yesterday when they landed in Taiwan. The two hugely popular groups arrived to prepare in advance and to promote themselves for their “4minute & BEAST Dream Concert” at Taipei International Convention Center on January 23rd . Their concert will mark the first performance by a South Korean act this year in Taiwan.

South Korean girl group 4minute at Taipei's Taoyuan airport

The day before, Korea experienced severe blizzard conditions, making the two pop groups somewhat worried that their flight would be cancelled. After their successful arrival, both groups couldn’t conceal their surprise from being warmly welcomed by their Taiwanese fans. The average age of 4minute and BEAST is 18 and 20 years, respectively, so their rise to fame was immediate at such an age. 4minute’s popular song “Hot Issue” has also been a hit in Taiwan as well.

South Korean boy band BEAST at Taipei's Taoyuan airport

Once they arrived at their hotel, the two groups busily did their promotions. 4minute’s “Musik” mini-album had just debuted in Taiwan, and the group went to Taipei’s entertainment district Ximending for an autograph session. A large group of fans queued up to grab the mini-album limited to a limited 100 people.

While both 4minute and BEAST came on separately for MTV Taiwan’s program “MTV Crazy over Japanese”, when the show’s host handed the groups of many Taiwanese male artists and asked who they admired most, both groups stated the same answer: Jay Chou. They also recognized artists Show Luo and F4, and pointed to Mark Chao’s photo and commented, “He looks Korean”.

4minute and BEAST arriving at Taipei's Taoyuan Airport:

Source: udn.com

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