Yoga Lin reveals his obsession with Leehom Wang

Taiwanese pop star Yoga Lin went on Azio TV’s “Be Friends” for an interview recently. He revealed that he obsessed over Leehom Wang during his student days, and even kept a photo of Leehom in his wallet. He believed that by doing so, he will become as good looking as his idol. He also revealed that he cried when he met Leehom in person on one of the “Million Star” specials.

Labelled as the Psychedelic Prince, Yoga Lin won the first season of the “Million Star” singing contest. He said that he was actually a rocker during his high school days, and wanted to try every singing style possible. However, he was devastated when his teacher told him that he was not suitable for heavy metal. The teacher eventually referred him to super high-pitch rocker Yang Pei-An ( for singing lessons. Unfortunately, Yoga Lin always skipped classes to go out and play, so he quit after only three lessons.

During his days on “Million Star”, Yoga Lin got to meet Leehom Wang in person for a TV special. When he found out that he will be meeting his idol in a few days, he packed a bag full of things for Leehom to autograph. Yoga Lin cried when he finally got to meet Leehom Wang in person, not only did Leehom comforted him and asked him not cry, he signed every CD and even added a happy face to cheer him up. However, he regretted afterwards because his idol's hand must be tired from signing all the things he brought.

“Be Friends” host Mickey Huang asked Yoga Lin how he realized that he can sing. Yoga Lin revealed that his music teacher overheard him humming to the song “Small Town Girl” by David Tao, and thought that he has talent. He fell in love with singing after winning a competition in high school, in which he performed the English version of Shunza’s “Write a Song”. After he entered the Entertainment industry, he met David Tao at producer Wang Zhi-Ping’s birthday party, and got to watch his idol perform in person.

Watch Yoga Lin sings for Leehom Wang here…

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