Yoga laughs at Xiao Gui’s lower body

Yesterday, Yoga Lin appeared on 100% Entertainment to promote his latest album, Senses Around.  His hair was definitely a little too “flat” as he kept complementing on how cool Xiao Gui’s hair style was throughout the whole show.  Yoga sang some songs and played games with his fans.  In one of the segments, Yoga had to act out a scenario while a fan had to guess which of the three given choices it was.  The choices were: 1) Seeing a table full of delicious food, 2) Seeing a bunch of girls in bikinis, and 3) Seeing Xiao Gui naked.  Yoga’s acting was so good that co-host Butterfly couldn’t help but keep shouting, “I know, I know!” 

Yoga slightly looked downward and gave a small laugh.  Obviously, the fan guessed it right on the first try, which was Yoga seeing Xiao Gui naked, but Xiao Gui furiously asked, “Why?!”  Yoga added, “Why?  Where did you think I was looking?”  Butterfly replied, “He acted very well!  He’s so talented!”  Xiao Gui couldn’t help but ask, “When you looked down and, ‘Hah!’ (laugh), at that moment, what were you thinking about?”  Yoga answered, “Oh!  A very healthy person.” And all the fans laughed out loud.

Yoga sang and dedicated the song, “Bo Le” (from previous album) to his fans.  “Bo Le” could mean a friend who acknowledges his talent.  Thus, he thanks his fans for recognizing his talent and supporting him.

Yoga also performed two new songs from his latest album:

Watch Yoga sing "Eat What You See"

Watch Yoga sing "Lie"

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