Yao Yao nominated for Hit Fm’s annual 100 best singles

Hit Fm’s annual event of electing 100 best singles has always been widely supported by fans. Yao Yao, who is a newcomer of this year, is also nominated along with Senior Landy Wen. Both of them participated in the opening of this event, and they wished each other good luck. Landy expressed that being nominated is already a form of recognition and stated that regardless of the results, it will not affect their friendship, “Yao Yao works very hard. New artists really need others’ support.”

Yao Yao revealed that she has already started writing journals daily to help improve her vocabulary and writing, so that she can contribute her own work in her new album. As for whether she looks forward to Golden Melody’s best new artist award, Yao Yao laughs, “If I get nominated, I would definitely be even happier than winning the lottery!”

This year’s voting for Hit Fm’s 100 best singles will take place between December 7 to 20 on hitoradio.com. The top 100 songs (including Chinese / Western / Korean / Japanese) will be announced on Hit Fm on December 26 starting 7pm. And the songs will be played continuously starting at 9am of December 31st.

Source: NOW news

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