Won Fu releases 4th single; practices yoga moves

Won Fu releases their fourth single, “印倫情人” (Indian Lover), of their latest album, Wonfu Loves You. After six years since their debut album, and now at a new record company, Won Fu is determined to become idols. We can already see Won Fu making a move as they appear on several popular variety shows, expanding their fan base. While fairing quite well after their previous single, “愛有什麼不好” (What's Not Good About Love), which is a light warm hearted song, Won Fu doesn’t forget their goofy side. In “印倫情人” (Indian Lover), Won Fu mixes in cultural flavor and shows off their yoga moves (or lack of…in the guys’ case). The song title, “印倫情人”, is a parody of the popular phrase, “英倫情人” (Lover from London, England), and is only the beginning of Won Fu’s absurd humor. The song starts off with the long humming, “OM!~” and then the rest of the lyrics are filled with randomness, or so it seems. Won Fu sings, “Namaste, how are you? Let’s do yoga together. Chaturanga. Pulled a muscle. Let me carry you home on my back.”

For those of us not familiar with the language, a simple search does show that the lyrics make some sense. Namaste = greeting / Chaturanga (Dandasana) = a yoga move (no wonder someone pulled a muscle).

Watch the MV:

Source: mengsion

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