Will Pan wowed fans at the Taipei Arena after waiting for 8 years

After touring all over China and other oversea locations, Will Pan finally took the stage at home in Taiwan. He cried and said, “The first time I went to the Taipei Arena was to watch Leehom Wang’s “Heroes of the Earth” concert, followed by Jolin’s gymnastic show. From that time on, I promised myself to take the stage at the Taipei Arena one day. After 8 years, I have finally succeeded.”

Despite his leg injury, Will Pan showcased his 360-degrees-zero-gravity-turn in mid-air. He wowed the fans by taking his feet off the ground while upside down, proving that he was not held down by magnetic force. Will Pan also showed off his musical skill by playing on a piano that was hung from the ceiling. Unfortunately he was too nervous and it took him four tries to perform the song properly. Special guest Evonne Hsu transformed into a phoenix and collaborated on the song “Dance for Two” with Pan. Over 10, 000 fans attended the concert and Will Pan finished the concert with hit songs “Irresistible” (無法抗拒) and “Summer Craze” (夏日瘋).

Will Pan wowed fans by doing a 360 degrees-turn in mid-air.

Newly crowned “Most Stylish Male Star” (by Elle magazine) Show Luo came dressed in man-tights to support his close friend Will Pan.

Will Pan and Evonne Hsu finished the song “Dance for Two” with a kiss that is not really a kiss.

Four time’s the charm for Will Pan to perform the song “I am really hurt” (我真的受傷了) on piano, suitably to recover his hurt ego…

Source: Chinatimes, Liberty Times
Translations: PA

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